The earth was exhausted. It needed some rest, a breath of fresh air and suddenly…. It locks all up, forcing us to stop. The planet stops to take a breather and to remind us that we are all passing through but it´ll remain here.

Humans live on earth briefly, and it´s only in this short period of time that we can contribute to do something useful and help to preserve the planet.

Let´s do it!!

Let´s all do our bit to save the environment.!!!

We have taken note of the current situation at Casa Almara and we are trying to make our lifestyle even better than before. We keep respecting the planet and social relationships.

Casa Almara was a boost to a healthier life for us, the one that we´ve always looked for. It is needless to say that after this unexpected threat, we will improve to benefit our guests taking into account the smallest details.

We are ready to welcome you. We follow the protocols and recommendations carefully, good practices in our service, including cleaness & disinfection established by health authorities. This way, we minimize coronavirus infection.

We have all the sanitary conditions like face masks, gloves, hydroalcoholic gel, thermometers, air purifiers and everything that helps us to ensure a calm and safe stay. Everybody´s health is important, above all.

We really know covid19 will pass and we´ll go back to normal life, even safer, better and with a renovated scale of values.  Enjoy the experience you deserve. Casa Almara will do the rest for you.

Iván Uría.