Espejo, a white, typical Andalusian village surrounded by olive groves, is located in a strategic enclave of the Route of the Caliphate (Cordoba-Granada), as well as the usual passage of pilgrims on the Mozarabic route of the Way of Saintiago. The old town, nestled on a hill, crowned by a ducal castle of the fifteenth century from where its streets are distributed adapting to the terrain, becomes an attraction in itself. In the middle of extensive olive groves, in the heart of the Cordovan countryside, where the production of the precious oil is a fundamental pillar of the local economy.


Immerse yourself in a rhythm away from noise and haste.

The environment offers a wide range of possibilities such as the Green Way of Oil, with its routes by bicycle or on foot through dreamlike places as it passes through Luque, Zuheros, Doña Mencía and Cabra. The nearby Montilla, with its visits to renowned wine cellars Montilla-Moriles, visits to oil mills and of course, the proximity of the city of Cordoba to only 28 km, among many other options.


Zuheros and the Green Way of Oil