Enjoy an experience in the middle of nature. Take the bike, and ride along this wonderful route of the old oil train, easy and accessible, going through picturesque villages and stopping to taste the local gastronomy, in the old train stations converted into restaurants

A perfect plan to do it alone, with family, friends, or with your partner. A healthy way to exercise in an idyllic environment, both by bike and on foot.

We will propose you two options for the route of the Green way, within the section that corresponds to the province of Cordoba, specifically from Luque train Station Lucena train Station, which are 35 km away. In any case, everyone can choose any stretch that suits them, from a small morning walk to a route of several days.

Let us explain you what the Green Way of Oil is. It is an itinerary of 128 km that joins Puente Genil (Córdoba) with the capital of Jaén. A surprising route that takes advantage of the old

railroad route. Metal viaducts from the 19th century and some tunnels allow you to travel through a splendid landscape without difficulty. It has a safe infrastructure, away from traffic, fully signposted, and very easy to travel. All nature, where you can breathe pure air and listen to the birds while you see the beautiful white villages.




Castle of Zuheros

The old stations that have been recovered and rehabilitated are now restaurants full of life, where travelers are equipped with their boots, backpacks, or bicycles, and also the local people stop to taste the Cordoban gastronomy.


Restaurant at the Greenway

The Andalusian Railway Company ran the first trains in 1983, where food products and passengers were transported, although the transport of olive oil in bulk soon

predominated, hence it was popularly known as the “oil train”. The trains ran on the track until1984.

camino via verde

Between Luque and Doña Mencía



At Casa Almara we usually recommend a couple of options although everyone can go through the stretch they want.

ITINERARY 1: Luque Station (km 65) – Lucena Station (km 99).

A beautiful route of 35kms that can be covered in 4 hours with several stops. Our route begins at Luque Station, where there are several spaces for breakfast or lunch, both indoors and outdoors.

estacion de luque

Restaurant at Luque´s station


estacion de luque

There is also a small oil museum where they offer tastings.



After a while pedaling, we will get a magnificent view of the town of Zuheros, with its whitewashed houses around a castle, at the edge of a ravine.

Once at Zuheros, we will pass through a spectacular viaduct with a unique curved layout, to  Doña Mencía Station (km 75).

viaducto zuheros

Zuhero´s viaduct

Here, you can make a small stop and visit the Centro Cicloturisa Subbética, where they offer all kinds of information and services about the Greenway and its surroundings.

doña mencia

Tourist cycling center



After Doña Mencía, the route relaxes because from here on, the difference in level is mostly negative.

The next stop will be Cabra Station (km 87.5) where there is another restaurant, and areas to rest.


Cabra´s station

From here there is only the last stage of several kilometers to the Leisure and Tourism Center of Lucena Station (km 99). This is the final point of our journey, whose Station houses an exhibition of local crafts (gold and silverwork, pottery, wood, oil, wine…). It also has a large restaurant where you can eat and rest.


Restaurant at Lucena´s station




For this route, the best is to hire a local transport service (Centro Cicloturista Subbética) that will return us from the end of the route (Lucena) to where we left our car. At a reasonable price, it covers the transport of people with all the bicycles. They can transport up to 7 people (if there are children they can transport up to 8).

ITINERARY 2: Doña Mencía Station – Luque Station. (1h)

From Doña Mencía


ciclistas en via verde



This is a small tour of 10 km, which leaves from Doña Mencía Station (where you can rent the bikes) and in about an hour leaves us at  Luque Station, where almost the entire tour is downhill. The landscape is spectacular all along the route, with Zuheros as a backdrop. It is ideal to do it in the morning and have lunch in Luque. A good option is to make the way back to Doña Mencía, so we will avoid hiring a transport service. It is also possible to do a round trip and eat in Doña Mencía.


-As in any outdoor activity it is convenient to take comfortable clothes, sun protection, and some water (there are fountains in the seasons and towns).

-Maintain caution with other users, especially in viaducts and tunnels.

-If you are going to do a longer route, it is convenient to organize it in advance, especially if you want to visit towns and do tourism in the surroundings.

-A recommendable experience for everyone is to travel along the Green way for several days, either independently with saddlebags or by hiring a local company to transfer luggage between accommodations.

For any doubt, information, consultation, or hiring of services you can also do it through our accommodation at  Casa Almara, we will be happy to help you. We are in close contact with local companies. Otherwise, you can do it directly with them.


Links of interest:

For transport services, transfers in general, bicycle rental…etc.

www.centrocicloturistasubbetica.com Tf: +34 691 84 35 32 – 672 60 50 88


www.vivebike.travel Tf: +34 664 84 57 23

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